Mäxchen d. 18 Apr 2005, R.I.P.

Molly im Oktober 2006

Molly d. 5 Feb 2012, R.I.P.


Sir Hubert von Herkomer, R.A. (1849-1914)

Automobiles were among the wide-ranging interests of the Victorian artist Hubert von Herkomer (seen leaning out of the car window). In 1905 he initiated the 'Herkomer-Konkurrenz' in Bavaria, the world's first touring car rally, thus playing a pioneering role in the history of motor sport.
   Herkomer's daughter Elsa married Dr Donald Attfield, son of Prof. John Attfield, in 1899. The Attfields lived in Watford, Herts, not far from Herkomer's studios in Bushey. Today a special room at the Bushey Museum is devoted to his work.

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