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This tree and website would not have been possible without the work and assistance of many other researchers and collaborators. I am grateful for the help of those who have corresponded with me directly as well as those who have posted genealogies on the internet that intersect with mine.

The greatest thanks must go posthumously to Colin Attfield, whose version of Prof. John Attfield’s original tree - circulated in 1956 - forms the basis for this work. What a shame that he did not live to experience the great new research possibilities opened up by the internet. I was very pleased to receive a message recently from Colin’s brother Raymond Attfield.

A very special thank-you is due to my fellow researchers, Roger White and the late Merion Burt, for their outstanding support and encouragement. Their main interest is in the Attfields of Farnham. Almost certainly we are distant cousins, although the connection between my Windlesham branch and their Farnham branch must date back at least 400 years!

My most grateful thanks are due to Mrs Judy Way for her wonderful gift of a Birthday Book originally belonging to Edith Blanche Attfield (later Mrs Gell-Woolley). Edith received the book in 1879 as tenth birthday present and maintained it for many decades with hundreds of autographs from family, relatives and friends in England and Australia, as well as press clippings and other mementoes. A fantastic treasure trove. A sample page from the Birthday Book is reproduced in the Gallery page.

Thanks to Sonya Varga and to Geri Newell for their help and support (and photos), especially on the Newell branches of the family, to my cousin Ronald Attfield and Peter Zerfahs for information about the family of William Cater Attfield, and to Fred Dunn for information about James Fawkes Attfield and the Texas connection. Thanks also to Kirsten Groves for information and photos about the family of my uncle, George Herbert Attfield.

I am most grateful to the museum collections staff at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Briony Hudson and Julie Wakefield, for their courtesy in providing access to the mementoes of Professor John Attfield that are in their keeping. Sincere thanks also to Dr Hans Loeb for photos and information about Prof. Attfield’s house “Ashlands” in Watford.

Many thanks to Harry Dutton in Australia for providing much information and research on the Nettleship and Akersten families in England and New Zealand, as well as exchanging many other valuable ideas and tips. Harry is a direct descendant of William Nettleship who married Julia Attfield in 1832. I am also grateful to Ray Henderson and Graham Brittain in Australia for sharing Attfield family ideas and information.

I am delighted to share information with members of the Brooks family of Mistley, Essex. Click here to visit their family tree. The family connects with mine through the marriage of Prof John Attfield’s daughter Gertrude with Charles Norman Brooks in 1903. The photo of their grave inscription was kindly provided by Malcolm Brooks. Thanks also to another Brooks descendant, Eve Bendall, for sharing valuable family information.

An interesting page of Attfield family information can be found on the excellent Burton Latimer (Northamptonshire) town website. Click here to visit the site. I am grateful to John Meads and Margot Munns for permission to reproduce some photos from their site in the Gallery.

An impressive Roe family tree - including John Septimus Roe, Surveyor-General of Western Australia, whose daughter married George Cooke Attfield - has been compiled by Sue Terwijn, who can be contacted at sueterwijn@gmail.com.

Thanks to Dr E Charles Nelson for information about the Fawkes family and for permission to reproduce the cover of the Heather Society yearbook which he edits; to Nicholas Portway, of Webb & Son, Combs, Suffolk, for information about the Portway family, to Elizabeth Gates and Jane Edis (Underwood family), Yvonne Leduc (family of William Attfield of Aldgate), Bob Ashby, Kathy Lowe and Susan Ashby (Ashby family), Jack Bayes (Bayes family) and Adrian Kitchen (Gunn family). Thanks also to the authors of the various family tree web sites listed on the Links page, and especially to Ann Cossar (Cossar One-Name Study).

Thanks are also due to Geoffrey Blyth for information on the connection between the Herkomer, Wurm/Verne and Niggl families, and to Barbara Flynn for information (and photos) about Adelaide Bateman Attfield and the Cutts family. Also to Claire Tucker for information about the Anderton family, Malcolm Smith for the Fairweather family, and Charles Attfield for information about George Cooke Attfield in Australia. Other people who have kindly provided information on individuals or families are acknowledged on the relevant pages in the family tree.

I am grateful to the staff at the Bath Record Office, the Berkshire Record Office, Surrey History Centre, the London Metropolitan Archive, Hertfordshire Record Office, the British Library and the Probate Registry in London for their assistance during visits there.


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