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This Gallery contains a selection of interesting Attfield-related images. Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures. You can use the forward and back arrows to navigate through the Gallery, or the up arrow to return to this thumbnail page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The images in this Gallery are from a variety of sources, and some are reproduced with the permission of their respective copyright owners. Please therefore check with me (e-mail address on Home page) before using or reproducing any of these images.

Windlesham Church c.1840

Signature of Henry Attfield (1722-1793)

Signature of James Attfield (1752-1837)

Signature of William Attfield (1750-1828)

Richard & William Poole Attfield

Francis John Attfield remembrance card

Attfield family group, Lee (Kent), 1896

W J Newell, estate agents

Edith Alice Newell (1881-1956)

Newell gravestone at Brockley Cemetery

Harry Heriot & Alice Newell

William Hamlyn (1832-1909)

Alfred Carter Attfield

John Hermann Otten (c.1831-1900)

Jane Otten (1831-1917)

George & Sadie Attfield

Maurice Attfield (1903-1970)

Harpers Garage, Lewisham

Alfred Otten Attfield c.1950

Wedding bells!

Van der Walde gravestone

Sadie Barmes as Wren, 1940s

Dave, Nat & Mark Barmes

Dolly & Jonathan Anderton

Children of Charles Anderton

Eliza Maria Isabel Anderton & Percy Cooper

Herbert Valentine Anderton (1890-1955)

Charles Portway (1828-1909)

Gravestone of Ann Winifred Portway

James Raglan Akersten (1855-1928)

William Nettleship (1837-1915)

Ernest George Enright (1877-1943)

Agnes Burn (1882-1922)

Professor Attfield aged 25

Professor John Attfield


Donald Harvey Attfield (1866-1908)

Frank Attfield Fawkes (1849-1941)

Canon Geoffrey Gibbon (1901-1987)

Rose Mary Ellen Hartridge (1863-1924)

Frederick Woodward Branson (1851-1933)

Leonard Littlewood Cutts (1864-1953)

Lucius Octavius Tate (1821-1902)

Alice Maude Roe (1845-1925)

Attfield Street, Fremantle, W Australia

Fremantle Prison

William Attfield (1823-1876)

Catherine Jane Attfield (1829-1898)

Emily Anne Attfield (1832-1912)

Edith Attfield's birthday book

Benjamin Woolley (1819-1868)

Philippine Straus Woolley (1861-1942)

Gwendolen Attfield Gell-Woolley (1895-1979)

Gwendolen Gell-Woolley & Molly Paley

Edward Graham Paley (1823-1895)

Chertsey Abbey: An Existence of the Past

Richard Napoleon Thornton

Ellen Ann Thornton, ne Jones (1846-1881)

David Royce Attfield Gravestone

William Walter Attfield Gravestone

Children of William Walter Attfield

Frank Attfield (1893-1972)

Mary Attfield (1895-1983)

Attfield's Farm, Burton Latimer

Attfield Drive, Whetstone, Leicestershire

Thomas Underwood Ashby

The Ashby Family at Watford Lodge Farm

Richard Buswell Underwood (1827-1904)

Albert Underwood (1871-1937)


Attfield Walk, Eastbourne, Sussex

Attfield Close, Ash

Sarah Brinkley and2_rotated

Philip Stephen Attfield

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