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Molly im Oktober 2006

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Richard Napoleon Thornton

Richard Napoleon Thornton

Acknowledged as the son of the remarkable Richard Thornton of Merton Surrey, an East India merchant who left £2,8 million in his will when he died in 1865, said to have made his fortune by blockade running in the Napoleonic wars.
While at Oxford Richard Napoleon Thornton (c.1833-1876) was known as Dick Lee, but he adopted the surname Thornton in compliance with a condition in Richard Thornton's will, in which he inherited £400,000. A barrister-at-law, he had three sons who became county cricketers. His sister Ellen married Alfred Pulford, whose niece Jessy Walter married the Reverend James Wheeler, a grandson of Ann Attfield (1779-1822) who married James Ellis in 1801.
With thanks to Tony Elgood for sending me this valuable photo.

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